Gran Turismo 5 Hybriding

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On this page, I will try to make some suggestions for those who want to modify their game. Keep in mind that there are multiple programs which can break into the coding for GT5. Many of them promise great things: unlimited bank accounts, any car in the game, yours, for free! And so on.
I am only going to discuss the two hybrid programs which have worked for me: GT5 Garage Editor 1.5.1 and GT5 Hybrid Editor 1.6.
Garage Editor 1.5.1 is what I use to add items to the game, such as cars and paint and parts. It is also possible to change the number of credits, rename cars, and do a few miscellaneous other. I personally have not been able to get 1.5.1 to modify cars though. 
Hybrid Editor 1.6 is what I use for making actual hybrids.
GT5 Garage Editor 1.5.1
First and foremost: for any editing to work, your game must be Version 2.16 or less. If you've got Version 2.17, the entire game will need to be reinstalled, than upgraded to 2.16 or less. Make sure any pictures or replays in the GT LIFE section get exported to Save Data first. Reinstalling the game will erase this stuff.  
There are several sites where this program can be downloaded from. Here is the one I was able to use.
1). An archive file (otherwise known as a Zip file) can be downloaded from the blue-texted link up above. There should be only one file to download though and its name is something like  gt5_garage_editor_v131_slim355_qk.
2). Select a folder on your computer to put this file. Copy/paste it into that folder, for convenience.
3). Next, right-click the archive, then choose "Extract Here."  
4). All the main files which are going to be used to are in the Release folder, so double left-click into this folder.
5). GT5_Garage_Editor is what opens the program (duh). Right-click on this file, and make a shortcut to your desktop, if desired.
Video Tutorials
I learned how to hybrid and break into the game from a couple of videos. This first one features a guy who sounds very stoned, but he speaks slowly and is easy to follow. Note that the guy uses 1.3.1, which is slightly different from 1.5.1. As far as they know, both programs do the same thing.  
This video features a more serious Youtuber. It gives all the same information about the 1.5.1 program (they all do).
How to Use
When doing any work using the GT5 Garage Editor 1.5.1, here is the basic process to follow.
Before saving the game and closing it, make sure the current car is one which is NOT going to be edited. In other words, get in a car that is not going to be edited. Save the game, literally press the SAVE button, just before quitting the game.  
1). Plug a USB drive into the PS3. Go into the Saved Data Utility folder. Copy the latest GT5 save to a USB drive.
2). Plug the USB drive into a computer.
3). Open GT5 Garage Editor (if you shortcut this program to desktop, it'll be easy to double left-click on).
4). There is a folder path to follow, and it's very specific. Left-click on File > Open Garage. A window pops up. Now click on Desktop > Computer > Removable Disk > PS3 > SAVEDATA.
Note: "Removable Disk" is the USB stick.
5). There are about a dozen folders in the SAVEDATA folder. Left-click on BCUxxxxx114-GAME. The numbers and letters might change, but basically, just click on the folder which has GAME at the end of its name.
6). Press OK.
7). Do whatever editing is desired.
8). VERY IMPORTANT: When done editing go back to File > Close Garage. Do NOT click on the red X in the upper right corner, any work done will not be saved.
9). Go back into folder where the USB drive is being displayed. Right-click on the USB Drive (on my computer this is called Removable Disc F) and click Eject.
10). Remove the USB from the computer, plug it back into the PS3. Select the Saved Data Utility folder and copy the save from USB Device to the game.   
Done. I will not discuss every feature of the program, but here are a few which are popular.
Adding Credits
Doing this is so easy, it's downright criminal. There are five tabs at the top of the editor window: Global, Garage, Racing Car, Items, and Functions. Simply leave it on Global.
In the Credits box, change whatever money is showing to whatever you'd like it to be.
For instance, if the bank shows 135,000 and 100,000 needs to get added, simply make the amount in the slot 235,000 before pressing the Apply buton.
Basically, money does not get added, it gets changed.
Note that the new amount of money won't be shown in the Save Data once the USB disc is back in the PS3. It's only when we're back in the game that we can see the final amount of money.
Hybriding cars
Unfortunately I've never been able to get this part of the program to work, which is why I use Hybrid Editor 1.6. The guys in those videos show how this is done, for those gamers who wish to attempt using 1.5.1. Good luck.   

Adding Cars, Paint Items, etc.
1). Select the Items tab.
2). There are several scroll down bars which can be see on this page. Go ahead and click on any of these, and have a look at what they contain. Yeah, it's a LOT. 
The very top bar is what can be used to add any car to the game. First bar includes all the different manufacturers (AC, BMW, Ford, etc.).
Second bar includes the models, and click the button which adds them to the game.
The third bar includes all the official paint colors this model had in real-life. I have not been able to get this to work, but it's okay. It's very easy to add paints to the game.     
3). Press the Insert button. Each section (cars, paint, items) has its own Insert button.
 As each selection gets added the program will inform that the item has indeed been added.
4). As always, click on File > Close Garage when done.   
To change paint colors...
1). press the Garage tab. This opens up all the cars in the current garage (duh).
2). Find the car you'd like to edit in the right side of the page (under Open Garage).
Take note of the car's paint code. Memorize it, or write it down.
3). Double left-click on Paint. The Paint Selector panel pops up. I've got an Audi A4 Touring Car, which normally cannot be painted. Let's say I want to give it one of the Acura paint jobs.
4). Top left corner where it says Body Paint, select Acura in the scroll-down. Single-click on any of the standard Acura colors.
Same thing can be done with Rim Paint jobs.
5). Click Accept.
Now have a look at the car's new paint code, which should have changed. Though the car can't be seen, the paint job should be different.
Also note the Country scroll-bar has changed for this Audi. Normally this would be DE. Now it says HYBRID.
To change a car's Name
Note that we can only change car names if we are NOT in the car when the save was made.
1). Follow all steps above from the first section.
2). Click on the Funcions tab.
3). In the Name Changer section, find the car whose name is being changed. All the cars in the garage will can also be found in the scroll-bars. 
4). Type the car's new name in the slot. For the Nissan Bluebird '79 for instance, I typed 1979 Datsun 910 exactly lke that.
The car will still be listed as a Nissan, but then it'll say 1979 Datsun 910 underneath.
5). Click Apply.
6). File > Close Garage
Unfortunately the car will only be renamed in the garage, not during races. But at least this is a way to tell hybrid models from non-hybrid models.

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