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GT is great because it features news on the upcoming projects Polyphony Digital has going on, active message board, and a great community.

Gran Turismo Wiki

Gran Turismo 1 All Gold License Videos

GT Race Mods -- Dedicated to the racing modifications of Gran Turismo 1

Mad Finn's Tuning Shop (GT4)

Mad Finn's Tuning Shop (GT5)

Going for a drive in GT4 or GT5 and need a tune? Check the Mad Finn's Tuning Shop!  If it's on their list, it's generally a guarantee your ride will leave their shop driving and handling better than it drove in.

GT to XS (Sport Wagon's site)

GTP North American Car List (GT4)

(includes Standard, Premium, and RM indications)

Fandom's Gran Turismo 5 Car List & Wiki

GT5 Prize Car List

Pupik's GT1 car site

Pupik's GT2 car site

GT3 Car List (GT Vault)

Pupik's site is jam-packed with car specs, hybrid codes, a great FAQ, and other goodies. Easy to navigate; I wish he would make a GT4 site. :(

A detailed Route 246 Photo Blog

Gran Turismo 5 Photomode Tutorial

GT5 Hybrid Builder 1.6

A Guide to what Tires the Ai uses in all GT2 Races

Sucahyo (GTP member) is being credited for creating the above GT2 tires / race list. Very helpful for those who want to see how GT2's Ai is programmed.

A GT3 Car Reviews Symposium

<<< GT4 prize car list >>>

GT Planet GT4 tuning guide

< (Archived) >

GT Racing Point is a place to enter lap times, license & mission test runs, etc.
German language only.  

<<< GT Vault >>>

One of the largest comprehensive tuning guides for Gran Turismo tuning.

Falcoln 787B's Blogspot

Falcoln is another member of of the GT PLanet community who provides great car reviews, testing, and a leaderboard on his blogspot.

GT5 Hybrid Builder 1.6

A bad Gran Turismo game review.

GT Series Center

An ancient site filled with all sorts of Gran Turismo random information, run by Mustang-Man (err...SkylineObsession) of GT Planet.

KAB Motorsports (Gameshark site for GT2 Hybrids)

GT Car Reviews click here