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National A Series

500 PP Clubman Cup
rating: ***
Participants: 10
Matterhorn Rotenboden
(2,000) 14.49 -- 138 hp
(2,500) 15.62 -- 160 hp
Circuito di Roma
(2,000) 12.99 -- 154 hp
(2,500) 14.12 -- 177 hp
Mount Panorama Motor Circuit
(2,000) 11.97 -- 167 hp
(2,500) 13.46 -- 186 hp
Start these cars no higher than 2nd place
'03 BMW M3 GTR
'97 Mazda RX-7 Sprit R Type A 
Start these cars no higher than 5th place
'00 Chevrolet Corvette Z06
any Honda NSX 
any Lotus Elise
'09 Lotus Evora 
Unlike National B, National A starts off with a lot of welcome changes. First and foremost, TEN cars per race, instead of the usual 6. And we start in last place! Theoretically, this makes GT6 more challenging than GT5. In the previous game there may have been up to twelve cars per race, but there were never more than 6 cars to pass, since we often started in 7th place.
More power is needed. In comparison to the 400 pp Clubman, I am using roughly 50 horsepower more, comparing an equivalent amount of weight.  
Two 500 pp tracks are completely new to the Gran Turismo series.
Matterhorn is interesting because it is not a real-life track as I assumed; it is a PD original creation. Once again it is located in the Swiss Alps area, along with Eiger Norwand and GT2's Grindelwald. Matterhorn is not as visually interesting as Eiger or Grindy...there are no cows grazing just off-track, no colorful ski chalets to whiz by. In fact, Matterhorn's scenery is rather bare. What Matterhorn lacks in charm though, it makes up in challenge. The entire track is narrow, with a dizzying array of high and low-speed turns,   
I am already thinking there's no way the AI can drive this track well!
Rome is nothing new for most of us. I have tried to make this particular race as nerve-racking as possible because of this. I am guaranteeing some really close finishes because of this. ;)   
Mount Panorama, on the other hand, is a real-life track. It is located in Australia, making this the first Aussie track used in a Gran Turismo game. Like Matterhorn, Panorama is tricky, but not overly difficult to learn. A half-hour (or so) of slow-driving followed by three or four hot laps is all it takes before you'll be able to skool the AI.
Though I am rating this series with 3 stars, Mount Panorama occasionally rates an extra star in my book, meaning that occasionally three or more cars will be ganging up for the lead toward the end of the race! This is especially true if small mistakes get made after the lead gets taken by us. All the sudden those half-doofusy drivers seem to get REALLY angry their comfortable lead has been stolen.       
 The 500 pp  Clubman Cup also changes that cast of characters. Faster cars, and better cars, to race against. Fortunately, there aren't too many jackrabbits to discuss, and they've all been listed right under the math ratios section.
Though the cars are faster, the drivers are still operating on a Freshman Cup level. They drive as though it's their first or second time around each track. Reaction times are slow, and they rarely take chances in those turns. So (again) it's all about those straighter sections, for them. And it's all about those curves, sweepers, twisties, and hairpins for us.     
Parts Used
Hard Sport Tires
Racing Suspension
Racing Brakes
Close-ratio Transmission is most popular choice. Some will need factory or full-customized.
Twin-Clutch Kit 
Cars Used
'03 Scion xB           (2,000 / Lightweight)
'95 Honda Civic SiR-II     (2,500 / Middleweight)

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